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Aint just PC's...

10 years ago, I was at Nokia's basestation manufacturing facility in Oulu, Finland. Although the breed of machine I was working on was extremely reliable, we did have the odd failure, as can be expected. Usual was lightning killing the transmisson - but that was 'cos the customer had used bell wire for the A-bis (BSC-BTS connection), which isn't good at screening.

But, back on track - I heard a scream from one of the operators who'd opened a machine for repair from Indonesia. Poor lass had to go for a lie-down. When I saw the problem, I felt like one too (she was pretty, but...)

They've got these nasty red ants in Indonesia, and thousands of them had climbed the power cable and snuck inside, presumably to keep warm. Unfortunately, for some 220 volt reason that escapes me, they'd died*, and their decomposing and swelling bodies had pushed the PSU - motherboard connector apart.

Sheesh, happily I've a good constitution, but more sense, therefore I ordered a young work-experience PFY student to clear the fuc*kers out. (BOFH - thanks for the tip!)

*Not all were dead. S'pose we should've quarantined the surviving hundred or so for 6 months and adopted them as pets for my managers desk, but - think of the paperwork! Nah. Vacuum cleaner did the trick. And a match on the bag.


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