Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7


faster boot times

>Given its stability, most Linux users tend to just leave the system running indefinitely, making the faster boot time of dubious benefit.

This maybe true, but seems to inply Windows users turn their pc off because Windows needs it, which I think is false. I think most windows users turn their pc's off because they have finished using it and there is no reason to leave it running! If home users started using Linux mainstream I doubt this behaviour would change.

I turn my pc off at night not because Windows is in some way less stable than Linux, but because:

a) it's in my bedroom and I can't sleep with the flashing leds and fan noise!

b) it's a waste of power

and c) it's not nessesary

Linux wont change any of those reasons except possibly point c: my old ubuntu box takes about a fucking month to boot up - if Linux is to go mainstream this is one thing they really need to address, so I have to disagree with your assertion that this is of dubious benefit, as this is clearly the market Shuttlecock are aiming for.


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