Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7

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"You can actually connect to the internet wirelessly, out of the box, or with either the drivers that come with it or those that come with most wireless adapters."

Try Linpus as default installed on the Aspire One Netbook.

Took me mere minutes to setup Wireless ADSL connections for the Net and the office Network.

Why minutes? I type a bit slow and my Wifi router encryption key is a tad long.. And it works fine.. seamlessly. Every time. Even reset at startup to the last Wifi connection I had running at shutdown. I also have fixed line configs in Network Manager for my home LAN, office LAN and when hooked via copper to my DSL router. Switching between networks is as simple as a mouse click.

As far as networking goes... Awesome. Better than Windows even! As far as Linux goes and my experience with Linux GUI and systray network managers? F*cking awesome!!

I have tried Ubuntu Remix (USB boot stick same netbook). IT SUCKS AT NETWORKING. Which comes as no surprise as I have yet to see (with the exception of Linpus), an easy to use and working Linux GUI net tool that pops up on the system tray and actually works.

That said, Ubuntu Remix's web cam and games s/w are loads better that those included with Linpus. But that is minor ito networking .. that's simply working. Out of the box. First time. Every time. The reason why I'm staying with Linpus on my netbook and not using Remix.

Mark and the boys can learn (and should borrow) from how well Linpus does it.. and how easy Linpus makes it.


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