Firefox 3.5.4 fixes critical memory flaws


Bugs don't necessarily reflect security (or lack of)

"Another critical Mozilla security flaw. Sounds like IE all over again. "

You're either a troll or simply ignorant. Software has bugs. The number of updates for a product does not in anyway indicate how many bugs there is in it or how secure it is. The only things the updates to Firefox indicate is that bugs are being fixed, that Mozilla are open enough to admit these bugs existed and that Mozilla release updates as and when they feel necessary rather than to a fixed schedule (like making you wait until patch Tuesday). You also have to take in to account not only the number of bugs but how quickly they are fixed once they are discovered. On the former, Firefox is open source so anyone can find bugs and tell Mozilla about them, even send Mozilla a fix. IE is closed source, only Microsoft get to see the code and Microsoft don't need to tell you if they found a bug because they can patch it without anyone ever knowing.

Mozilla have a much better record on the latter than Microsoft.


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