Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos

Black Helicopters

Protect the children - Bubblewrap for kids

To all the parents standing over their children using the internet

I am setting up a new company called 'Bubblewrap for kids'

For £5million I will post you a roll of bubblewrap for you to wrap your children in until they are 18. Then you can send them into the world unblemished and naive.

I just hope they can figure out how to cross the road on their own.

My view is moderation. Allow them freedom to explore on the internet but be nearby to guide and educate if required and let them find out about all the freaks on the internet and teach them how to spot the perv's. People over 18 get caught by this all the time is it any less worse for them. I would say not because they are supposed to know better and lets face it everybody knows some girl that has had her pictures posted without her consent. (and has laughed at their naivety)

forewarned is forarmed

helicopters because that's what I call controlling parents


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