Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos

Anonymous Coward


The only reason these folk get caught is becouse they're stupid, it's like terrorists, you only catch the dumb ones, this one who tried to blackmail on and on and the other guy who evidently got too big for his online boots.

The whole of society is trying very hard to lick its own elbow, and looking pretty retarded doing it. They'll pin this up as another "look at how successful we are at catching paedophiles! However be afraid because there are more, lock your selves in your houses, watch what your kids are doing at all times, always be afraid!"

I had mates who had overly strict parents - they were all lunatics, once out from under their parents thumbs they were either a: massive bullies or b: had no common sense at all. So the "strict parenting watch everything they do" is bollocks.

The aim of the game is teaching some sense and responsibility. If a kid doesn't have freedoms what are you gonna take away when they act like a bastard (and all teenagers act like bastards at some point - if they don't they're probably mental)?

But just like other wise smart educated people fall for various phishing tricks, smart well informed kids, teens and, adults will fall for fake bf/gf and even not so fake, some want to get their kit off and be filthy, not fully understanding the potential implications later in life, although I suspect that the whole "oh noes you was naked on internet" thing will become less of an issue as it happens to more people as the years roll on.

- Anyway, summary, common sense is needed but it wont stop people getting caught out.

- Most people caught for doing this kind of thing are stupid/over confident.

- It isn't really a huge thing, although society likes to think it's massive.

- Chill out.


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