Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos

The bigger problem here is..

Young girls thinking it's OK to strip on webcam.

Surely that's a prerequisite for underage sex and, with the lack of understanding about safe sex, teen pregnancy.

In my opinion there should be online safety classes. 1 class, once a year (It could be during PHSE/PSE/Whatever it's called).

Basically you show pupils how fucking easy it is to fake an identity.

The teacher goes into a chat room and talks to some guy. Explains that she is 14 and likes ponies. All the classic bullshit.

Shows how easy creating a fake identity is.

The second half of the class consists of how easy it is to save screen shots of your webcam sessions and share them with friends.

Kids are dumb. And they will continue to do dumb shit until we tell them why it's dumb and the way it will directly effect them.


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