Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos


i've always been

The following may require seasoning.... (thats a pinch of salt for you less subtle types.)

[quote]WTF can lead 40-yo men to such behavior? I mean they clearly weren't pathological "paedos", one even wen.......[/quote]

Maybe it's an age thing. Maybe we all get horny for sub teens* once we get to that kind of age, maybe its due to some chemical change in our brains when we reach that age.

but probably the real explanation is that this guy has always been a kiddie fiddler, just one perhaps without the confidence to actually carry out his devious acts..... but then along comes Kev from PissyWerld and sells him a laptop and WOOHOO internet anonymity FTW! apart from the feds watching his every move XD

*(makes me think of a subway..... with cooked human instead of chicken. mmmmm tasty. of course, wanting to eat a teenager cooked and sliced on a sub roll is so much better morally than wanting to screw one. probably less of a jail sentance too.)


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