Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos

Anonymous Coward

How do you really protect them?

The other guy posted the stuff he got on the web in a place where the girl got to see them and was subsequently caught! Well talk about stupid.. Lucky these people are that stupid.. But what about those out that aren't. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if these are tips of the iceberg.

Whilst I agree that they are all to blame for this, I'm not looking forward to policing the net for my kids. You search for something innocent and you get something not so innocent. Just type in any girls' name with safe search off on Google (or even with it on) and kids can turn that off at any time anyway. Kids are not stupid - My Dad taught me the basics of the computers and soon I was racing ahead of his knowledge. Most parents are not that IT literate and I fail to believe that any child-proofing software is completely full proof. Especially with kids working out ways around things all the time.


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