Talking DAB and the future of radio

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Crap audio quality? Sounds great.

"Mistakes were made in the early days when they talked about CD quality sound.".... "If I genuinely thought audio quality was a real issue for consumers, I'd be banging on the doors of my shareholders, but I really don't think it is."

Sounds great! I'd LOVE to have to buy a new radio, to get poor-quality audio. I don't see the problem here at all. (This is sarcasm BTW...)

We've got no plans here in the states to shut off FM, thankfully -- the specs for DAB sound awful. I think they either do need to push DAB+, since it apparently has the efficiency to get good audio quality without blowing the bitrate budget, or give it up. I would find a 96kbps stream most unacceptable, and since the whole point of radio is sound, cutting the bitrate that far is really quite stupid. It's great that the Freeview chief doesn't care about crap audio quality but I sure do.


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