Service management: A million jobs or a job with a million parts?


Only dinosaurs want to preserve the status quo.

@Pete 2. It looks as if you have an IT department stuck in a time warp. How is it in anyone's interest in IT to maintain the status quo? Are you still using punch cards?

For IT to be at the centre of business, the goals of IT much match the goals of the business, and the days of isolated back-office boffins has gone.

Service Management is not easy, and can be painful to introduce. However the discipline is necessary so that things are done right first time, and match the business needs.

It may give kudos to some techies to be forever rushing in on a white charger to rescue the business from their latest 1 minute cockups, and often they get all the accolades. How much better it would be if the business showed appreciation for those who police the processes of IT and ensure services are implemented correctly, and don't fail.


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