Man blames cat for child porn downloads

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What a perverted cat

Maybe they should be putting away the cat -- it sounds like a real pervert.

But seriously, they DO need to make sure (whether him or the cat) did not put some porn-sucking virus onto his computer *ASAP*, before his life is ruined even more. My cats *have* made my computer do ridiculous things -- I have an app I click on specifically because it ignores keyboard input, and they'd still manage to jump on the mouse first! I scold them a bit when I catch them stepping on it, so now they are very good about walking around the keys though. And recall unlike a proper OS (Linux, OSX, other UNIXes) Windows doesn't have an execute bit on files so anything named *.exe will run -- making it easy for a cat to launch some rogue file.

I find this very unlikely, though, in which case obviously the cat didn't download child pornography over 1000 times.


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