NSA plans massive, 65MW, $2bn data center in Utah

Anonymous Coward

I tire of thy conspiracy.

As has been witnessed in the UK, when the people tire of a leader (our useless, useless Gordon,) he goes.

All the computers in the world don't win elections.

(Out of interest, why isn't it "NSA and GCHQ" or "The NSA and The GCHQ" rather than "The NSA and GCHQ"? Should it not be just NSA, if it's GCHQ on purely grammatical doctrine?)

Ps. Gordon says "I will fix this." I, and the rest of civilisation of the poll I did the other day can be extrapolated, are not saying "I don't want you to fix it Gordon", they're saying "I want you not to fix it Gordon"

Are you getting the message Gordon? If not, the message is, "Please f*ck off and retire."


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