Notorious phone phreaker gets 11 years for swatting

@Jimbo 7

"this is classic example how not to prosecute. This guy did a lot of bad stuff, but 11 years in prison? Come on !! You get less for selling cocaine."

Yes, 11 years in prison. What he did was attempted murder. Believe it or not, most people consider murder to be a serious offense. The fact that he used police SWAT teams as a weapon doesn't change anything. He attempted to kill people, it was premeditated, and it was extremely malicious.

Let's see -- attempted murder, abuse of emergency services, harassment, stalking, threatening people, intentionally inflicting emotional pain on a minor (assuming the girl in Colorado was a minor), attempting to coerce a minor into phone sex, invasion of privacy, identity fraud, and various wire- and phone-related offenses. And you think 11 years is too much? He already should have been in jail since the feds knew he was routinely committing crimes. I don't care that he was 15 or that he was blind. We have laws for a reason.

As for your drug comment, you SHOULD get less time for selling cocaine. A drug dealer is simply giving people what the people request, and what they request happens to be illegal. A drug dealer does not try to kill his customers.


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