Copyfraud: Poisoning the public domain

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@David Kelly 2

@ David Kelly 2, you do not understand how the public domain works. If you follow your line of thinking you are in fact committing copyfraud.

"I have book in my possession with expired copyright so that it is now PD. I don't have to share it with you."


"If I scan it into a shareable format then that is my work and my right (copyright) to control its distribution to my profit."

Wrong! It's public domain! You can certainly sell and distribute it, and *you* can publish as few or many copies as you want and distribute them how you wish, but so can anyone else -- you CAN'T stop other people from redistributing or copying this work, it is in the public domain.

"It doesn't change the copyright status of the original work, only of my scan."

It doesn't change the status of either one.

"The misguided claims of copyfraud are ignoring the history of converting PD work into something of value."

You are saying culture is worthless unless it can be sold. You are not converting public domain work into something of value, you are taking already valuable public domain works and putting some of that value into your pocket. Which is fine, but you can't then complain if others also do the same.

" The originals are not being removed from PD, but new copyrighted works are being created which will eventually be PD."

No they are not. You are publishing a public domain work. You can make a movie, write new works based on PD ones, etc., and THAT is copyrightable... just retyping or scanning in a PD work is PD.


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