Copyfraud: Poisoning the public domain

Gates Horns


"Committing copyfraud is astonishingly easy and costs nothing. I can borrow a public domain book from any library and scan it, or I could download the text from Project Gutenberg. I reformat it as a PDF, mark it with a copyright date, register it as a new book with an ISBN, then submit it to for sale."

If it really were that easy. Why don't people than go to the public library and scan the book they want to read themselves?

Just because information is in the public domain and access to it should be free, that doesn't mean other people or companies are forced to hand you a copy for free if you should be unable to exercise your right of free access for some reason. The reason probably being that the information just isn't widely available.

Look at it like this.

Is an adult allowed to see any movie playing in the city? Sure he is.

If he physically can't get there, am I forced to take my car and drive him? No.


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