Dutch cat skinner publishes critics' personal details

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What if she picked the wrong targets ?

So, "Tinkebell" and her artist mate suddenly turned into experts in hunting down "keyboard warriors", and decided to use their new-found skills to name-and-shame ?

Yeah, right.

What if they got their facts wrong, and some innocent person's details were published by mistake ? OK, the alleged "haters" shouldn't have put up all that personal information in the first place, but it could be an interesting libel case if that happened.

Also, how do we know these "haters" are real ? How do we know that "Tinkebell" didn't just create all these profiles and write the book as a bit of self-serving PR ? While everyone's in a tizzy about her "Goodbye Kitty" purse, the timer on her 15 minutes of fame gets continually reset...


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