Brits 'a bunch of yellow bastards', says irate Yank

Brits aren't yellow. The guy must've confused the UK with France.

There ya go. Now the US has offended two countries. Still a bit slower than when Bush was in office. We'll need to ramp this up to have a shot at the record.

Seriously, though, have fun with your non-assault rifles over there in Blighty just as I do with my non-assault rifles over here. Some of us in the US love our British friends. I'm pretty glad my ancestors broke away, but that doesn't mean we can't be civilized to one another in present times.

By the way, Royal Marines and the rest of the MoD are some of the world's finest and bravest fighting forces. Anyone who says any different is a clueless dolt. Oh, and the whole thing all the way back in WWII? Britain was under constant bombardment and didn't surrender. The US did play a big role, but to say the Brits didn't fight that war bravely and honorably is just ignorant.

Long live the US, the UK, and our friendship.


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