IBM approves Obama's IT stimulus package

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Sorry for not being clear enough in the earlier EHR post. Nursing shortages, and the use of qualified nurses to carry out clerical work is not the only thing that makes healthcare expensive. It is one thing that makes it expensive, and it can easily be fixed. The short-term investment is, however, significantly more than any one group hopes to save (short-term), so someone would have to "take one for the team." The players are not a team, and hospitals don't really care whether or not insurance companies make money, so that's not going to happen.

Yes, I have worked with various American care providers, and also with health record standards efforts, so colour me biased, but I really do believe it is the best way to see better availability of hospital beds, better care, and a more efficient system. Denmark has already done it, so you can look up the effects on quality of care (although financials will be very different for the U.S.), and Norway is well along the way. The U.S. has made progress on electronic prescription entry, which is a start, and has already seen measurable improvements.

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