US only kidding about 'clear to fly' January deadline?



Jemma Dear - and the cowardly AC - Guess what.... Lend-lease. Go look it up.

As for the IRA. I did not fund them. I did not cause the hatred either.

The Irish potato famine

The Scottish potato famine

Funny how the cause was the same: "This was because they had been deprived of access to most of the land they had worked in previous centuries and were expected to subsist on very small areas of land."

And who caused this?

My point - which you ignored! - is that no one was a saint. The US has messed up in the Mideast - and G Bush is a #$$# moron. He has been a disaster for the US. However, next time you claim that the Brits are pure and innocent - go read some history. Try the history of India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, a bunch of Africa.... Most of these 'countries' are your former colonies. Look at how they were divided and governed and how that is affecting the world of today. You set them up so that the tribes would war against each other - and that no one could rule - except you. The French did the same. This is why Iraq for instance has three groups of about 30% each in it. This is also why the Kurds are divided into three countries.... The Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan are in the same boat. Funny how we are still fighting there.

I know I have my library card in one of these pockets...


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