Sun faces up to the 64 thread question with T2+

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264 threads?

Just not at the same time, in fact you get a maximum of 32 threads at one time, the rest are all stalled, or not in use, and in between you still have the too small cache trying to service all those parked threads as the core jumps from one to the other. And to make it to a two-way they had to chop memory controllers off the chip? Ouch - memory latency was already bad, so now you have even worse memory performance than a single chip, and you're still trying to cram, store and retrieve all the data for all those stalled threads. I'm sure T2+ is just great at what it does best, it's just that's not what 99% of business apps do (that's even if you can find the app that's been recompiled to run on Slowaris 10 on Niagara). And the green-savings argument/fallacy would be a lot more compelling if the T2/T2+ didn't cost so much more you could buy a dozen Xeon blades and run them on the difference! In the meantime, Rock is just mroe vapourware to try and hide the age of UltraSPARC. Yes, the SPARC64 boxen are filling the gap, but then Sun doesn't have anything else for the job so they'd better pray Fujitsu can go on making a better SPARC chip than Sun can. They're only other hope is Intel's Xeon - oh how the bigheaded have fallen!


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