Portsmouth punts naval boy-on-boy to innocent kiddies

Paris Hilton

Aah Pompey

The picture.......having long ago dated an RN Admiral's daughter I can attest to the fact that anyone in relation to the Royal Navy ALWAYS does it "Navy style on the Poop Deck". And there's always plenty of "seamen" ;)

To Aristoles.....clearly you have been there and now the place well. I grew up in Havant, (monumental shit hole that it is which makes me so glad I live in Surrey now.) and yes the "females" of the area are generally either stick thin anorexic chav twigs with the "Fareham facelift", or fat gobby fakkiiiiin caaaawwsss with the same hair do, and half a dozen kids by different fathers. There are a few, and I stress few exceptions. Mostly the minority of the population that aren't chav's.

Although saying that there are a number of the female chavs that if you scrapped off the cheap plastered on makeup, scrubbed off the cheap tarty perfume that they seem to bath in, unplastered their hair and got them out of the slapper clothes, they would actually pass as quite attractive young women. Sadly they won't. Perhaps someone would like to perform a massed "My Fair Lady" on Pompey ??

Won't someone think of the children - Aah the Paulsgrove Paedophile riots. A thoroughly entertaining event to everyone local when contacted by people from other area's of the country commenting in shock at the "cars on fire, people being dragged from their homes and beaten up by mistake" and being advised that Paulsgrove is always like that. (Ok so there were 2 cars on fire in comparison to the normal 1 car on fire.) The best part is when I learned that the women in charge of the protesters was arrested right after giving an interview to the BBC for child neglect. She's left her 2 year old at home alone and it had gotten out of the house and was found running in the middle of the street naked. (A thoroughly dangerous thing to do because of all the boy racers round there.) People I know at Portsmouth City Council advised me that this particular woman was not fit to lead such a protest as she had a rap sheet with Social Services for child neglect and child abuse as long as your arm, and had had her children taken away from her several times. Which of course by Paulsgrove standards makes her a model mother lol

I went back to Pompey over the weekend and ended up having to email a friend when I got home to check and see if Pompey really was as run down and crap looking as I saw it, or if I was comparing it to a rose tinted memory of Pompey after living in lovely clean Surrey for the last 8 years.

Paris as she's probably done it Navy style and loves Seamen ;)


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