Portsmouth punts naval boy-on-boy to innocent kiddies

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Paris Hilton

The reason the guys f**k each other...

Is because the standard of the young female population is so low.

Having spent a few years gracing the south coast sh*thole with my presence I can attest to the truly shocking quality of the female population.

Generally ugly, a loud gibbon-like eloquence and social structure with a propensity for bad language and the drinking of cheap alcohol. Too many small tight tops to proudly show off the flabby results of too much shallow end of the gene pool breeding and eating of junk food to the uneducated chav like male population. It goes without saying that this model for a life is handed down from the elders who generally believe that shouting "Pom-peeeeeeeey" and having those very letters self tatooed onto ones body is the way to bag a quality partner.

There is also the interesting fashion style called the "Fareham facelift" - this involves the female tying the hair back so tightly it pulls all of the wrinkles out of the face to hide the fat. These pituary retards must think this makes them more attractive, but upon reflection... I beg to differ.

Paris obviously. She may be a bit wayward but she'd light up the back streets of Stamshaw or Fratton like an angel... until the girls of Portsmouth, with their unevolved frontal lobes beat her up of out of jealousy of course.


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