Rare Mac Trojan exploits Apple vuln

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Open Secrets .... FailSafe Security .... ZerodDay Vulnerability ..... Source?

"have to download and install it though, less of a trojan and more of an exploit of un intelligent people methinks

mines the hat with the big "D" on it" .... By arran Posted Monday 23rd June 2008 10:21 GMT

Not for Hyper Virtualisation you don't. You just follow your Intelligence and click on Advanced IntelAIgently Designed Gifts Hosted on the Internet Networking InterNetworking for ITs Supporters and Drivers.

Simple Sophisticated Push IT Technology...... for HyperRadioProActive Interactive Matches Made in Heaven ........ for A.N.Other Byte of the Big Apple Apple, Apple?

cc. Steve Jobs and the Other Steve ?


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