'Crazy rasberry ants' target Texan tech

It's TERRORISM, I tell ya! Furriners tryin to destroy us!

Those godamm furreigners over thar in China or sumplace went an' bio-enginereed 'emselves some mudderfrukan' computer-eatin' ants an' then they sent the ants over here on that ship to destroy all ar electrisity an' stuff!! Ah never did trust those furreign basturds, now we got real good reason not to! They're tryin' to destroy us with BUGS!! Course those enemy sientists who created the new ants gots the only way to kill the ants too, so after our Ammerican elektricity an' computers an' satellitez an' stuff is *all* gone, those furriners can just waltz rite into the U.S.s.A and take over!!! Wel'l all havtu learn how to speke Chineze er Rushian or sumthin!! [rummaging in closet for big shotgun]

(reality check) ... Actually, hmmmm, well..... bio-engineered bugs, take a natural attraction to electrical components and hybridize/bio-engineer them to where they really *really* like to scarf down wires and computers and circuitboards and stuff - heh, playing devil's advocate for a moment, from a mad scientists' or terrorist's point of view that might be better than nothing (and probably easier to implement than anthrax or other bio-engineered things).

Like the old adage about two-dozen tiny yappy dogs nipping at someone's heels until the person expends all their energy trying to get rid of the nuisance yappy little mutts, rather than just sending in one giant Doberman or something. No point in killing off the humans (keep 'em for slaves maybe), when slowly destroying their high-tech computer-based defense systems would be cheaper and just as effective, might take a few years longer, but hey, they're in no hurry, right?. Okay so we'd come up with some bug-killer before then, presumbably, a minor flaw in my mad-scientist plot ;) and oh, well, I guess they'd need to have an antidote to the bugs too... well, heck, it was just a thought... Might make a really cheesy low-grade home movie or something :)

uh-oh, if it turns out the bugs *are* bio-engineered to destroy the US infrastructure, will the black helicopters come and get me since I publicly spoke of it? ;)


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