'Crazy rasberry ants' target Texan tech

@George (Re: How to eliminate Crazy Rasberry Ants)

You forgot what is probably the best method of which I am aware... nematodes. Those parasitic little buggers won't bother the adult ants, but can totally wipe out a colony by eliminating the larvae and queens. Of course, if you've tried chemicals and failed, you're screwed - the pesticide residue will kill off any nematodes you add, and who wants to live with electronics eating ants for a year or two while you wait for the soil concentrations to drop off?

Also, while I'm not as confident in it, I suspect that DE (diatomaceous earth) would work quite well as a border control in places where you can keep it dry (such as along the baseboards of your house, especially useful while waiting for the nematodes to do their thing). Just make certain you use food grade DE - pool grade has been treated in all sorts of nasty ways, including high heat that causes the silica to melt and recrystallize, making the dust dangerous to humans as well as insects.


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