Liverpudlians decapitate Ringo Starr


mighty liverpool

lets get this straight...i left liverpool and i miss liverpool. only reason i left is for a job. i visit on a regular basis.

you people speak clearly like you've never been. its an amazing city but has a bad reputation. its turned like every other capital city, i.e u get the scallys and u get the skate boarders exactly like manchester / london etc etc.

London is 10000x worse than liverpool, u get white kids talking as if they have lived in jamica for 45years.

Liverpool is the only city in the world, where u can go and visit bars,clubs and meet great people who treat each other like your friends for years. yes, you will see some trouble..exactly like every town in the world.

Ringo made his millions from "liverpool", to visit liverpool and do a gig for insane amounts of cash and 5mins later go on international TV and abuse the city is uncalled for.

i think the fact they cut his head off without destorying all of it, shows how angry liverpool is with ringo and tbh, we don't want him back


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