BT admits misleading customers over Phorm experiments

Anonymous Coward

and how do I stop this?

from what I read, it looks like BT customers will have ads injected to their pages,

am I to read that ads that are not in the design are going to be put into the pages or ads that appear on the page will be targeted to the users but still maintain the original ad placements?

for example i create a page with no adverts, will ads be injected into this page so that BT can make money by displaying my page.

or, if I create a page that does have advert boxes, will the advert boxes now be filed with adverts *more relevant* to the users normal browsing habbits.

last question.

assuming that I only ever surf for pron say from after 7pm (when the kids go to bed) till 1 am, my targeted adverts could be for new porn sites, sex aids and internet sex dating sites? -not a problem for the 6hr a day porn surfer. but what about the ads that are displayed to the kids?


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