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Lets Knacker the system

Aside from complaining to the ISP's, the ICO and OFCOM, lets fill Phorms system with Spam. In the process of writing a script that will be run by Cron to access various sites at regular intervals. Simple case of using wget as I imagine won't know the difference. The only thing to change regularly would be what you 'are' viewing.

Im guessing that all the collected information will be used to create profiles for the most likely target audiences within those not being analysed by Phorm. I.e. those who have ISPs with scruples.

If enough people fill the system with utter rubbish (one min I'm viewing a car site, then I'm viewing a clothes site, then looking at holidays, then credit cards, then back to cars and so on...) then the system won't be profitable to Phorm. Even better, set up a spider and create your own search database ;-) that'll flood their system quite well.

Paris cos, well, do I need a reason??


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