Freeview to be nudged down to clear 5G bands in 2018


OFCOM Couldn't Forward Plan Xmas

I've had to replace my TV antenna because Digital Switch Over changed the UHF channels of the local TV transmitter - £150. To get a decent signal I couldn't have a wide-band antenna, the one supplied provides more gain but over a narrower range. OK I have a reasonably well paid job, and I do use mobile data, so the expence of having to pay again to have a new antenna fitted, if the new channels fall outside of the gain band of the current antenna, whilst not welcome is partly for my own benefit. But my parents and people of their age who are more likely to watch TV than to even send a text message, let alone use mobile data, will have to pay too. Who ever is responcible for this decision should hold their head in shame. There has been a significant lack of forward planning. They claim to have predictions for mobile data use in years to come. Going back to when TV Digital Switch Over was proposed, what where the predictions then, and why couldn't they see that their half baked proposals to free up the 600 MHz band would be so short-sighted? You begin to wonder if OFCOM isn't a job creation scheme for the antenna riggers of the UK.


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