Tesla Model S named '2013 Automobile of the Year'


NEWSFLASH - American mag likes american "company-critical" car

Sadly the award is irrelevant to anyone even considering buying a car. This sentence in particular irks me:

"Editors also raved about the suspension's ability to soak up bumps that tortured other test cars. It was just as impressive on the racetrack -- yes, we took it on the track. "All that speed, along with powerful braking, superflat handling, and sharp steering, gives you the sense that you're invincible"

This isn't a review, it's an ad.

And why the fuck is the 2013 carof the year being awarded in november 2012?! I can wait until February when presumably we find out what the worst national disasters of 2014 are going to be so we can prepare for them nice and early.


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