New iPad's innards: Good news for recent fondleslab buyers

Re: iPad 3 has an A5X processor NOT and A6 !

Not a mistake.

iPad 4 offers compelling benchmarks against Surface RT and Nexus now and prepares Apple to to compete well with the faster Tegra 4, Samsung Cortex A15, Qualcast etc. based Android/RT tablets coming in the Spring. Mainly aimed at new customers. However Apple wants the 'same as the old boss' type reviews as delivered by the Register here to minimise upsetting the proud owners of the old new iPad. They want to boost the Mini and deflect interest in 7" Nexus and Kindle. The mini is old tech so why draw any more focus than necessary on how much faster the iPad 4 is. Overshadowing is good for a little while. Thought that was all obvious.


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