Google goes ahead, unveils Nexus 4 and 10


Re: Huzzah!

To be fair to The Reg, there's been no 'general' demo of the hardware, press conferences, goody bags, etc for them to pore over, be sarcastic about, and generally digest and write articles about.

They've got what we've got - the official android blog, and what other tech sites are writing about. And everyone'd be pissing and moaning if they just rehashed what TheVerge said.

Still no excuse for missing the online launch though, which was mentioned in the comments of the articles multiple times, across multiple articles.

Unless I was the only one who actually emailed them (as it was perfectly possible to have missed it and assumed they had postponed the launch, as I thought had happened till I checked the comments) in which case you all only have yourselves, and the El Reg Beer Fund, to blame, natch ;-)

About the only places who have played with the hardware are the major - *major* - tech blogs, or seriously pro-android sources as far as I can tell - and they would have been under strict NDAs till launch day and would be certain to give good feedback.

I'm currently umming and aahing about buying a Nexus 4 outright...if the 20,000 song thing is correct, that's pretty much my entire collection I can get on the go. Sounds like a pretty reasonable tradeoff for the low storage. And I missed that from the Android official I can't fecking talk.


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