Russia hands out 4G licences in an instant

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Re: See Putin, it can be done

"See Putin, it can be done Should we be surprised that an autocracy can move with such efficiency... .... crowley Posted Thursday 12th July 2012 17:46 GMT

Er, do you really mean, meritocracy, crowley? Or is that too uncomfortable a notion of our exotic eastern neighbours in that it would conflict with that which is being pimped in the west of them.

For supposed democracies to doggedly stick with systems inefficiency is the madness which currently plagues and infects them and renders to them their present collaping machine, and a people growing wiser by the minute and more aware of the problem and it root causes, and those responsible for those problems, make it an explosive mix with IT Control an enabling catalyst/precursor or magic wand that takes all those troubles away.


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