Assange's Ecuador asylum bid has violated £200k UK bail, say cops


Re: So what happens if Assange is given asylum?

One of 4 things will happen if he gets granted Asylum.

1. Ecuador gets an agreement from the UK to allow him to leave on a flight for Ecuador.

2. Ecuador grants Assange diplomatic status so he is immune to arrest on his trip to the airport.

3. They hide him in a very large diplomatic bag.

4. He lives in the Embassy unable to step outside without arrest for years until one of the above conditions are met or the abassador decides he wants to kick him out. (see the case of the man who lived in a US Embassy for 15 years being unable to leave the country)

I'll get my coat, its the one with "Diplomatic Immunity" on the front and "its just been revoked" on the back.


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