Vixie warns: DNS Changer ‘blackouts’ inevitable


Re: Hey Paul, this is an opportunity

"Perhaps the ISPs, who know exactly which customers are infected, should be asked to contact their customers prior to the cutoff date and explain to them how fucked up their computers are, and tell them how to fix it."

That's actually what we've been doing. The original article alludes to this... "Many users, Vixie said, are so untrusting and hostile that they resent being told they have a problem."

We set up the necessary monitoring to see which of our subscribers is contacting the known bad DNS servers and sending the IDs to Tech Support to give them a ring... but that doesn't mean they all take action! To the average Joe, their PC works fine, and they'd have to hire someone to run a virus scan (sad, I know). So they're not going to do it. I'm up in Canada but I'm sure in the USA you'd probably get people claiming its part of their right to free speech or some nonsense.


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