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Re: I still think YouView will be a huge success

Sorry, I just guessed you were close to the project because almost all of the people I've met believing Youview will be a big success do work on the project in some capacity (they are genuinely enthusiastic about it but they seem to lack CE industry understanding, those on the manufacturer side are a little more realistic about market potential but do like the product and expect a boosted position in the PVR market which is tiny compared with TV sales).

I don't think that Youview will give a consistent cross service UI (although there might be some cross site search and possibly the backwards EPG) but the content providers all want their own UI (however horrible and inconsistent with the platform). There is also the risk that Youview decide to change the UI at any future time.

Youview might have the content and the backing to be a success but the £200+ PVR is a fundamentally niche product. Even if Youview sweeps away the rest of the high end PVR market it still won't ever get close to catching up Samsung and Sony in connected TV numbers. Unless Youview develop a TV profile without significant internal storage AND get a major TV manufacturer onboard (LG is the obvious choice who have the ability to scale and are probably currently in a weaker content position).


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