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Re: BT Vision

Existing hardware won't support Freeview HD and there is no software upgrade possible to support DVB-T2 on DVB-T hardware. It might theoretically be possible to upgrade the software in other respects but I expect that the boxes are probably too limited (CPU and memory) to provide a good experience (only a guess based a weak understanding of when they were introduced and typical hardware at the time).

BT is in the Youview consortium and I think it was hoping for Youview to do much of the work in developing it's next generation box and marketing it for it. I have no idea to what extent they will subsidise an upgrade programme for existing customers. It is probably the best chance Youview has at decent numbers.

I don't understand what BT is doing but the big question is "Do BT understand what they are doing in the video market?"

Spawn of satan - that is the correct icon for BT isn't it?


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