YouView: You're delayed - Sugar

I still think YouView will be a huge success

It’s a shame that YouView has been delayed again but I still think it will be a huge success. I think the naysayers are rather missing the point. Yes you can BBC iPlayer on *some* smart TV’s but what about 4OD, iTV player, 5 onDemand and what about people who have older TVs?

YouView set top boxes will offer an integrated Freeview and IPTV experience through a single EPG and will have built in PVR functionality. Put another way you can schedule PVR recordings and also catch up on things you missed using the same EPG and a seamless mix of broadcast and IPTV. Add to that DLNA capability, an apps ecosystem with the potential for online video rental stores and other broadcasters to join the party, that fact that it’ll be subscription free and also available on the web, and that the price of the set top box hardware will only get cheaper, it makes for quite a compelling package.

The reason people tend to be ambivalent about smart TV is that it’s so fragmented. What people want is all their TV/Video content in one place and YouView is the only platform that will offer the subscription free UK terrestrial TV that UK audiences want and all the other Smart TV / PVR functionality in a single package.


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