Which degree...?

What do you actually want ?

I'm not clear what sort of career you want, so I'll ask some questions...

1) What are you better at than other people ?

2) What do you enjoy doing

3) What do you hate doing ?

Those are the "big picture questions", they evolve into "are you good with people ?", "are you methodical ?" do you want to spend all day in an office ?

Many CS degrees have little maths, which is of course why so many are shit.

The feedback I get from people that do various flavours of security from malware hunters through pen testers, cryptographers et al is that "security" degrees /masters aren't all that useful.

I sense that you want a career in IT, even though so far you've not actually said why, or what you have to offer.

I'd point out that there are many UK IT industry jobs where technical skills, as in coding, hacking, configuring are peripheral.

I have a bit of a reputation for the bluntness you cite, but you don't actually say enough about yourself for me to do that, contrary to popular belief I need at least some facts to work on.


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