Which degree...?


Which degree...?

Let's see.

I've got to avoid CS because I hate and completely fail at maths (I've tried, trust me). Half of me thinks stop right there. Surely, CS must be the only useful computing related degree (well, perhaps not as useful as it used to be...) and if you can't nail that, good luck even managing to get a job in the industry.

The other half of me has a choice between more business orientated options (Business Information Systems, Information Technology Management) or something more "hands on" (Computer Forensics, "Ethical Hacking").

You see, half of me thinks that a computing degree that isn't CS is pretty much worthless for the computing industry. The other half thinks, from what's available to me, that a business orientated degree will give me the best employability while the more "hands on" degrees will be essentially a lot more interesting.

I understand that no CS and I guess I would call a "deficiency" in maths blitzes most career options - but how can I salvage something worthwhile from the choices I've got?

Thoughts would be greatly appreciated. You can be honest. Brutally honest.


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