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Re: Buy the Mac

This is essentially the same as what I did back in 2008 - problem running Windows for my 2008 Macbook Pro were:

Windows drivers for the GPU weren't up to much, running the GPU hot at idle (metal case = burnt thighs too). Disabling Aero for Windows 7 didn't help any.

Bootcamp took a good few updates to get any sort of mutlitouch enable for the trackpad. There are some issues I have with sleep meaning the laptop actually goes into some sort of hibernate mode - so when you open the laptop it goes through a minute long boot before becoming usable.

Not to mention the fact that Apple don't fully enable all features in the bootcamp drivers for things like auto-dimming the screen, brightness of keyboard lights, etc. The keyboard layout is different too, the " and @ are in the wrong place for UK keyboards etc.

Having said that, the hardware is great and the one time I've need support (replacement faulty battery) they've been really good, swapping for new no questions asked in store. But from my experience Apple really don't want you to have the best experience you can have with Windows installed on a macbook pro, even though if they spent time on the Windows drivers you could.

My next laptop will probably be an XPS or Alienware laptop... don't know enough about the current specs to recommend one for you though. Sorry.


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