IBM fires Power-powered Penguins at x86's weak spots

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You are still flogging this 10 year old article which references one comment made by one IBM executive who was not involved with AIX. In the nine years between when this article was published, IBM AIX has moved from third place in Unix servers to a dominant first place position with more than 2-1 the sales of either HP-UX - Itanium or Solaris - Sparc based systems. Why would IBM kill AIX now that they have the lion's share of a shrinking, yet still lucrative market? These are not "official statements" from IBM. They are the response from one IBM Software Group executive (nothing to do with AIX) to a question at one conference a decade ago which were immediately corrected by the AIX executive in the same article!

"Why spend 3x more money for 14% better performance?"

Because Unix systems are about much more than raw CPU power.


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