Home Office 'technologically clueless' on web super-snoop law

Anonymous Coward

Internet Dynamics.

"Ross Anderson, a respected..... professor at the University of Cambridge.... He predicted that the likes of Facebook and Google would agree to DPI black boxes being added to their networks, although others would demand a warrant or simply say "no"."

Sorry but that's wishful thinking Mr respected professor. If web users know of this. We simply stop using Facebook and Google. End of Story. The dynamics of the internet is as such, and even respected professors in security apparently doesn't quite understand.

The more government pushes for internet control, the more it'll drive users to 'safer havens' and soon the development of networks that is fully encrypted without government control will appear.

The saying "becareful of what you wish for" really goes into place here. Does the government really want it so that we develop technology that will seriously hamper government snooping efforts which, after one event leading to another, ultimately either mean the government can not feasiblity snoop anymore and the only choice they have is to 'disable' the internet, and thus destroy the 'internet' economy?

Or do they want to leave it as it is because the technology is full of holesat this moment in time that allows you to secretly snoop when there is a REAL need for it such as tracking murders and terrorists?


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