Compulsory coding in schools: The new Nerd Tourism

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Re: A little bit of knowledge does no harm - it's essential

Programming is a side-effect of learning the principles on which computers work, not an end in itself.

There's no point learning all the Java libraries or VBA. There's plenty of point learning how to do assembly, relational algebra, arrays, pointers, linked-lists, sets, recursion, iteration, vector execution and algorithm design, ASCII codes, AND/OR/NOT operations, arbitrary number bases etc.

You might use Logo, Ruby, Pascal, 6502 assembly, PERL, C++ or (shiver) BASIC to demonstrate that you know how to do a bubble-sort and its pros/cons vs a quicksort.

You probably won't need to know sort types if you go on to be a coder, but it will give you an insight into what it is like to do data processing and whether you enjoy algorithm design or systems analysis.

Stay away from the GUIs, Office suits and web-browsers - isn't that the point of the Raspberry Pi?


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