Microsoft bigs up open source, then stuffs it under the sofa

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They got to start /somewhere/

I'm getting a little tired of people criticizing companies like this. They made some effort in the right direction and immediately people start squeaking how "its not good enough".

Those people I'd like to advice to stop looking at the 'now' but /also/ pay some attention to the past. Sometimes things can't simply go as fast as you might like, because with big(ger) companies such as Microsoft there is a whole lot of extra's involved. Bureaucracy being one of those and legacy to follow quickly after.

IMO this is the same kind of bs we got when Sun started taking some very drastic steps to make Java fully open sourced. The first thing some people commented on? "Its not fully open sourced!", because what do you know... A small part of the JRE was indeed still closed. So because, say, 15 - 10% wasn't open sourced yet the whole project was basically "no good" according to those.

Welcome to the real world, where some companies decide to take one step at a time.


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