If Google's only taking a COPY of your personality, why worry?


good article but a bit too much generalization

This article got me thinking a lot, not because it is right but cause I know it is wrong :P.

Well i would like to tackle the points raised in this article.

This article talks about 2 things

1. ownership

2. rights or control.

In the article you are confusing the concept of ownership and you are immediately jumping the gun that ownership brings rights, i.e. control. Well the first thing that you have to understand, the copylefts are fighting is not ownership part, but the control part. you might ask can we own something but not have any rights over it? Well lets look at the physics or science research. When someone publishes a paper in a journal. The owner of that idea or discovery is duely credited but he/she has absolutely has no control over how the science community uses their idea. That is ownership with out rights.

If we are to assume that with ownership you get certain rights, eg the right to totally control how your information is used, then that comes under enforcement or control.

Why i argue that copyright and privacy are 2 different things is because copyright only works with enforcement, and when enforcement comes in to play, someones privacy has to be compromised. There can never be enforcement without a compromise in privacy.

Now if we are to have strong privacy laws then that means we need transparency from governments or organisations like google and facebook. This effectively means govt, google, facebook have no claim to privacy.

If copyright were to be 100% enforced then the general public has to sacrifice their privacy for the betterment of content creators.

When we say we already do this for local law enforcement, why not for copyright?

Well this is where i draw the line. Local law enforcement do invade our privacy to a certain degree generally for public safety.

Copyright enforcement is to let corporation,law enforcement invade our lives for the sake of lining someones pockets.

To sum it up, privacy is the protection of the public or general population's information because of security concerns(concerns of harm).

Copyright enforcement is the invasion of general population's privacy for profits.

remember enforcement is not possible without a breach of privacy, only we need to decide do we do it for the purpose of public safety or profits.

Which side would you take?


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