El Reg posts dirty pics for old computer buffs


What a puzzler! I won't get close, but my input - which folks'll have to exceed detail to win

Piccie 1) Bag of ECC83 Dual triodes.

2) no idea.

3) That colour's got Data General written all over it

4) for the same reason, "Isn't every computer a DIGITAL computer?" PDP 8 or 11.

5) Can't name the DEC machine.

6) 'Cor', blimey! I had 128Kwords of that! Read, Write and sense are the 3 wires through each toroid.

7) Boot ROM on a PDP?

8) No idea which backplane this is.

9) Remember having to do this kind of work. Did it once, by hand on the back seat of a car (ooer, missus) as I was being driven to Faslane. It was a prototype, we had to design and build it on-the-fly, before we got there! Used a small hand-wrapping tool, and pre-cut wire. Battery had run out of my power-wrapper, so I was envious of my mate, whose machine was good. My wrist ached like buggery after 6 hours of that!

The rest? Can't help, but piccie 10 looks strangely familiar...


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