Apple and publisher pals hold up US and EU watchdogs

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I very rarely post AC, but I have to in this circumstance...

I work for Amazon, at one of their largest and busiest Fulfilment Centres, and while there have been issues in the past (More than a few years ago) there is absolutely no 'treating warehouse staff like slaves' In fact if you were to come into one of the FCs and speak to any of the staff you would find almost everyone extremely happy in their jobs, and motivated by Performance Related Bonuses.

Also, ALL staff who work for Amazon - including Senior IT Staff such as myself spend time working on the shop floor so that we understand every process I've worked in receiving, stowing, picking and packing and found them all interesting in their own way (except maybe packing - didn't like that much) - there's no 'them-and-us' here.

We do have quite a bit of a problem with ne'er do wells, you know the type - perpetually on benefits, and only apply for a job in order to keep their job-seekers allowance. They have a hell of a fucking shock when they come here and are expected to work for their money. They are the ones who tend to complain - and they're also the ones who get the boot when they don't pull their weight, which after working public sector for many a year, where hard work and competence is ignored, and laziness and incompetence is rewarded with a risk-free life-long job, and final-salary pension - it's a breath of fresh air.


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