OCZ's new Vertex 4 SSD: Faster... and slower


Another Matter

So, you end your article citing poor response in fixes/firmware and reliability concerns as a potential "let's wait and see if they do better," HOWEVER, the only thing OCZ had to do with the Vertex 3 was putting SandForce controllers together with Micron (or otherwise) NAND on a PCB. They didn't make the chips, they didn't make the controller, and they arguably didn't make the firmware (they have a custom firmware spin, yes, but they didn't write it from scratch). Now, with the Vertex 4, they're using their own (acquired) controller, and thus firmware. The ball is nearly entirely in their court for reliability of the controller and firmware, as well as response times for problems, since they can actually do something about it now other than just drop-ship you a new drive.

Stop giving a negative spin and almost lying to do it. Unfortunately, this stab wasn't near as obvious as your terrible graphing.


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